Don’t get me started

Maintaining a work/life balance

Possibly the most difficult part of being a freelancer working from home, is keeping your work and personal lives at the forefront, and keeping them separate. It’s safe to say, I struggle with this every day, often working from early in the morning, late into the evenings, and at weekends. This is a short post, […]

Now offering hosting and domains

Good news! No, it’s not the Dacia Sandero, but I now offer domain names and web hosting! I’ve contemplated offering them for a while, but haven’t really had the demand for it, but since getting busier over the last 12 months, the demand has increased. I’ve previously just been referring people to hosting companies I’ve […]

Reload CSS Bookmarklet

One of my favourite features of the Web Developer extension for Firefox, was the “Reload Linked Stylesheets” option. Since this extension was re-written, it now sits behind a single toolbar button, rather than being a toolbar, meaning this feature is even more hidden than it once was. This was enough of an annoyance for me […]

Freelancing: 1 Year On

October 2016, I left my full time job. It was something I wanted to do for a while (not necessarily that job in particular, but to leave full time agency life). Some changes at home gave me the kick I needed, so October 28th 2016 marked my last day with ThinkBDA. The first question I […]

Well, there it is

As mentioned in my previous post, I wanted to revamp my portfolio. Well, finally, it’s done. I wasn’t overly happy with the design when I built it, but I had nothing else in the bank so it would have to do. A while back, probably mid September, I had an idea for something I wanted […]