About Me

Well, I’m Hughie.

I’m a Northampton-based web developer, with a passion for doing things right. And cats, I love cats. Specifically, my cat.

I’ve been a professional web developer for a long time (10 years to be exact, wow I feel old), and can turn my hand to almost anything.

If you want to talk to me about your project/cat, get in touch or find out how I can help you.

My Experience

  • Freelancer As you may have worked out by now, I’m a freelance web developer. I get to work on a huge variety of projects, from email templates to social networks; for anyone from new start-up companies to universities.

    If you’ve got a project you’d like some help with, why not get in touch?
  • thinkbda I started as a middleweight web developer, and was promoted to Senior after about a year, as some team changes were taking place. My job involved designing and building the more challenging solutions, or the more urgent projects that required a quick turnaround. I was also responsible for designing and maintaining the cloud hosting environment and infrastructure with Rackspace. Being the senior member of the team, I was also responsible for liasing directly with clients, planning and developing ideas before putting them into production (or helping to choose another team member to put on the project).
  • bluestorm I relocated to Hull for various reasons, and worked for Bluestorm during this short period. I built a small handful of websites, most of which were time-sensitive campaigns or for local companies.
  • in.house.media My primary role was as a web developer, though I was often drafted in to carry out design work, server configuration and project management. Being a very small team, everyone chipped in with a bit of everything. Websites were built mainly using Magento and Wordpress, though there were a few fully bespoke CMS driven sites alongside those.